Onwaysports Story Since 1995

18 Sep, 2019

Onwaysports Story

Onwaysports was founded in Tokyo in December 1995.

With influence from the West, the boom of outdoor living started in Japan in the 90’s last century. Inexpensive outdoor furniture emphasising practicality was overwhelming during that period. At the same time, Onwaysports started its business, aiming at creating design-oriented products different from existing products.

Looking into the history of chair, it is very difficult to create something that does not exist in the past, especially in the field of outdoor furniture - Imagine that a chair is user-friendly with simple structure and beautiful appearance that match surroundings. The cost of a chair shall be widely-acceptable for global supplyt, and it must be capable for mass production.

Onwaysports keeps working on the above themes through a lot of ideas and works. Under the unbeaten spirit of turning impossible to possible, ONWAY keeps developing hit products one after another. Without much influenced by the trend, ONWAY aims to create products that work also in the next generation.

The existing original product groups from Onwaysports are well-known to a lot of consumers. The technics and vision of designer can be found in the detailed parts of the product. The soul of creator and technicians are put in every products.

Nowadays, Onwayspots is a group company with sales office in Guangzhou and manufacturing plant in China. Onwaysports products are popular in at least 18 countries, reaching more than 3 million people around the world.

Taking advantage of the design and production know-how, we launched our own brand " ONWAY " in August 2012, in order to connect directly with consumer, and to explore the market in new form.

On the Way - that is - always feel humble and strive not to forget the basics. It is Onwaysports.

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